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Why eating insects makes sense

Two separate occasions Emma and Logan are totally besties! 

I have such a soft spot for the tough ice queen who’s hiding a good heart under all the layers of snark, insecurity and self-doubt. Like, I have an almost automatic bias for this archetype/trope every time it occurs in fiction, I don’t even know why.



Holy shit, this is a beautiful execution of a cool concept!

coeliacdanny said: Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for following me, I really love all your work and just your blog in general :)

Hello! Thank you! I hope to see more sets and creations from you, as well! :D


Velvet Trimmed Evening Coat, 1902

via The Met

(via amortentiafashion)

glitchfool said: I have a question that I hope you will answer. I am trying to build up my visual library, and having trouble focusing on detail and functionality ie your studies. How do you find that elusive information and apply it to exploratory sketches? THX!

Hmm…This is quite an elaborate topic, so I think Scott Robertson’s 3-part video on “Improving Your Visual Library” might be the best response to this— You can start with Part I here: 

Parts II and III should be displayed on the Youtube Related Links, as well :)